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Aireloom Luxury Mattress Queen

About Aireloom

Profoundly influenced on the values of excellence, comfort, and true luxury, Aireloom mattresses are handmade using premium materials, timeless craftsmanship, and innovative methods perfected for over 80 years.

Made in the U.S. means quicker delivery time, sent on our own truck and set up by our certified technicians. We do not employ a third party to deliver and install your new bed system.

Bringing handmade California design to the world.


Every material is meticulously selected
for durability and comfort.
Every layer is integral for support and relaxation.
Every stitch and contour is tailored by a true artisan.

Aireloom Plush Mattress Hand-Tufting


This Mattress is Compatible With Sleep System Store's Adjustable Bases

All models are Adjustable Base compatible

Aireloom San Francisco Luxetop Firm Queen Mattress

Luxetop Plush 

Starting at $6,497with Topper (Queen)

Aireloom San Francisco Luxetop Firm Queen Mattress

Luxetop Firm

Starting at $6,497 with Topper (Queen)

San Francisco Plush or Firm without Topper
Mattress and foundation, no topper

Starting at $,997 no Topper (Queen)

Complement your Aireloom bed system with an adjustable base

Beautyrest Adjustable Bases

Adjustable Bases

As a Beautyrest retailer, come in to see how the Complete Adjustable Foundation is equipped to personalize your sleep experience. Whether it’s a simple adjustment in elevation, a shift in your partner’s position to ease their snoring, or a comforting massage, a Beautyrest adjustable base lets you optimize your sleep with a touch of a button.

Aireloom FAQ

How do Streamline and Luxetop differ?

Both are made of premium materials, but the Luxetop™ has more room at the top of the mattress which is filled with extra comfort plush materials, which makes it feel more luxurious.

A Streamline™ mattress is a pared down, or “streamline” style, usually with a lesser quantity of padding materials to provide a less squishy feel. It’s perfect for sleepers who don’t like the softer top.

Aireloom Construction Materials

What is so special about an Aireloom mattress?

What are the construction features of each mattress brand that offer optimum support for the back and body? What are the materials and layers used in each mattress brand that offer the best comfort?

What should I know about mattresses in general?

The Aireloom mattresses at Sleep System store provides the finest support system whether based on coil, foam or a Latex core, all feature the Aireloom Lift™ design. This patented coil system is designed to conform to your body and provide perfect support. The coils react to your body weight and supportively “lift” your body for maximum comfort.

Why is handmade so important?

Every Aireloom mattress is handmade by skilled artisans who take great pride in their work. The same cannot be said for machines. The tufting by hand compresses the comfort layers, which minimizes the need for adhesives — who wants stinky glue in their bed? By monitoring the manufacturing by humans, there is the best support possible, which results in less sagging.

Is there a difference between beds by Kluft and Aireloom?

The parent company, E.S. Kluft & Company, designs and manufactures both Kluft and Aireloom handmade beds in the same facilities in Pennsylvania and California. Every single model must pass strenuous standards; each model offers specific construction and components which contribute to their comfort. Because the materials used on a Kluft mattress are finer, with a distinctive procurement process, they attract a slightly different clientele in the marketplace.

What is an Aireloom bed made of?

Aireloom believes that consumers want to sleep on natural materials for optimum comfort as well as peace of mind. Therefore, only the highest quality of sustainable, natural materials are combined with modern state of the art fabrics. Natural latex is nestled under rayon fabric over quilted silk, cashmere, and wool.

What are the qualities of an Aireloom bed system?

You will sleep well knowing that your new mattress is made in the US and has the Patented Aireloom Lift™ technology, is hand tufted for artisan quality, and is hypoallergenic and breathable because of natural materials. All of this also happens to make your body more comfortable due to the temperature regulation qualities of these premium components.

Why does the bed I bought feel different from the store model?

The mattress in the store is a floor display. Generally, a displayed mattress has been on display for a long time with quite a bit of wear and tear, whereas yours has not. Due to the many-body impressions that have tested the mattress, the comfort materials in the displayed mattress have settled.

Does my new mattress require a break-in period?

Like the performance cars in the past, a new mattress needs a little time to adjust to your body as the new fabrics and inner materials loosen up a little. You need a little patience as your body adjusts to your new bed system, too. It may feel very different from your old bed, but soon you will understand what a luxury mattress does for your overall sleep quality and you may find excuses to go to bed early!

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